Manual Aqueous Parts Washers

    Safety-Kleen's aqueous manual parts washers provide ideal solutions for cleaning small parts with light to moderate soils to larger parts that require soaking before cleaning. These parts washers feature rugged design for extended life and a variety of features and benefits to meet your manual cleaning needs.

    • Model 90/94
      Model 90/94

      sink and drum parts washer, ideal for cleaning a small number of parts


    • Model 26
      Model 26

      bench top parts washer, for use on work benches around the shop or with the optional roll-around cart


    • Model 91
      Model 91

      vat-style aqueous parts washer, larger work area that allows parts to soak prior to cleaning


    Aqueous Chemistries

    Safety-Kleen offers a variety of aqueous chemistries designed to meet industry-specific regulations and give you superior cleaning performance at an economical price. For more information about these Chemistries click here. (pdf)


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