Featured Solvent Chemistries

ArmaKleen™ Universal Paint Gun Cleaner

New ArmaKleen™ Universal Paint Gun Cleaner has proven to be effective
in cleaning both solvent-based and waterborne paints in automotive body
shops. Universal Paint Gun Cleaner will outperform any “aqueous only” gun
cleaner, as the advanced formulation contains ingredients that allow it to clean
much more difficult solvent-based paints. Meets clean air solvent standards for
VOC emissions.


Safety-Kleen Aqueous Heavy Duty Paint Gun Cleaner

VOC emission regulations in South Coast Air Quality Monitoring District (SCAQMD)
and San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District (SJVAPCD) require that
cleaning solvents contain 25 g/L or fewer VOCs. Safety-Kleen’s Heavy Duty Aqueous
Cleaner (Product Code 6865), remains under the 25 g/L maximum.

ArmaKleen™ M-100 BCR (Baked-on Carbon Remover)

Low pH, caustic free cleaner designed to attack and remove baked-on carbon and
other tough soils from steel and soft metals like aluminum engine blocks and other
aluminum alloy components. M-100 is designed to not only clean parts but also
brighten them to like new condition.


ArmaKleen™ M-301

Highly-alkaline liquid cleaner/rust inhibitor for cleaning heavy soils from ferrous
metals only. Low-foaming, oil-splitting and non-chelated for easy waste treatment.


ArmaKleen™ MM-DIP

Multi-metal, safe, low-foaming liquid cleaner and rust preventative designed to
effectively remove multiple soil types in immersion-cleaning applications


ArmaKleen™ M-Recycle

Non-silicated, fully recyclable liquid alkaline cleaner/rust inhibitor with near
neutral pH. Low-foaming, cleans a full range of contaminants and is safe on all
metals when used as directed.


ArmaKleen™ MM-Aero

Silicated, non-corrosive alkaline cleaner/rust inhibitor designed for spec-driven
applications. Meets the following:

  • Rolls-Royce CSS253
  • BAC 5749
  • GM FID #334052
  • Boeing PS 12024
  • Boeing D6-17487
  • Ford TOX #151174
  • AMS 1526B
  • BAC 5763 type II, Class 1 & 2, grade B
  • Chrysler NPM #12-270-2834


ArmaKleen™ M-HP-2

Environmental and worker-safe liquid cleaner/rust inhibitor designed for high pressure
spray application. This versatile cleaner is very low-foaming, oil-splitting
and safe on all metals. M-HP-2 also meets a variety of specifications including:

  • MIL-C-29602
  • Pratt & Whitney PWA 36604
  • Rolls-Royce CSS253


ArmaKleen™ Paint & Ink Remover

Highly effective, non-hazardous, concentrated liquid cleaner. ARMAKLEEN™ Paint
& Ink Remover is designed to remove a variety of paints, inks, adhesives and other
coatings from metal substrates, including steel, cast iron and aluminum.


ArmaKleen™ M-GP

Mild, low-foaming general purpose cleaner formulated for use in spray immersion
washers: M-GP is multi-metal safe and meets the following specifications:

  • Boeing D6-17487
  • AMS 1526B
  • Douglas Aircraft CDS #1
  • GM FID#334053
  • USDA

Military PRF-680 Type II (142°F) and PRF-680 Type III (215ºF):

  • A special blend of hydrocarbons formulated to meet the Department of Defense’s (DOD) performance specification for Type II High Flash Point (SD-2) and Type III High Flash Point (SD-3) Degreasing Solvents
  • Safety-Kleen is listed in the DOD’s Qualified Products Database (QPL) as an approved supplier


PD-680 Type II (142°F):

  • A special blend of hydrocarbons formulated to meet the Federal General Services Administration’s (GSA) properties for Commercial Item Description (CID) A-A-59601A – Type II Dry Cleaning and Degreasing Solvent
  • Safety-Kleen is listed on the GSA Schedule as an approved supplier
  • Formulated to meet stringent Federal, State (e.g., Ozone Transport Commission), and local clean air regulations requiring a volatile organic carbon (VOC) concentration of < 25 g/L
  • Certified by South Coast Air Quality Management District (SCAQMD) as a Clean Air Solvent (CAS)


QSOL™ 220 Cleaning Solvent (103°F)

  • Formulated with parachlorobenzotrifluoride (PCBTF), an exempt VOC


QSOL™ 300 Cleaning Solvent (170°F)

  • Formulated with decamethylcyclopentasiloxane, an exempt volatile completely methylated siloxane (VMS)
  • Formulated to meet stringent federal, state (e.g., Ozone Transport Commission), and local clean air regulations
  • Great for cleaning wet ink and paint from presses and paint guns
  • Specially-blended solvents specifically designed to clean auto body spray equipment, parts and lines
  • High-solvency, medium-drying thinner for lacquer
  • Excellent for cleaning brushes and equipment immediately after use

ArmaKleen™ Defoamer HD

A truly effective non-silicone defoamer designed to suppress foam in aqueous
cleaning baths.


ArmaKleen™ M-RP

Patented aqueous rust inhibitor designed to provide temporary indoor rust protection on
all substrates. Used in all cleaning equipment applications.


ArmaKleen™ Rust Remover

Aqueous rust remover and cleaner. Acid-based liquid removes rust, cleans steel
and iron parts.