What does sustainability mean to Safety‐Kleen?

    As part of our parent company’s sustainability program, sustainability means adding long-term value to CleanHarbors for shareholders, customers and employees by identifying and improving our social, economic and environmental impacts. We are keenly aware of the critical role we play in the keeping business in balance with the environment and in educating our customers and their communities about sustainability. We are committed to leveraging our unique waste management and recycling practices and assets to develop innovative, sustainable solutions. In addition we are equally committed to continually examining our own operations to identify areas where we can reduce energy consumption, as well as determine innovative ways to drive enhancements across our entire network.

    Through the Clean Harbors sustainable development program, we focus on the following strategies:




    Sustainability: It's What We Do


    Remaining profitable in the environmental services industry is impossible without protecting our people and the environment in a sustainable manner. We have taken the lead in identifying the most cost effective, environmentally sound options for waste management. We offer sustainable solutions to most of the Fortune 500, thousands of smaller private entities and numerous federal, state, provincial and local governmental agencies.


    How we enable people to maintain a sustainable relationship with the environment.

    We play a vital role in the environmental, energy and industrial services industries regarding the use and management of our valuable natural resources. As part of Clean Harbors, we have developed numerous programs and initiatives to ensure that all operations comply with environmental policies, and we focus on activities that will improve the company’s and our customer’s impact on the environment. As an environmentally-conscious company, we are committed to recycling and reclaiming wastes using a variety of methods. We are committed to using the most sustainable methodologies available. Specialists in serving small quantity waste generators, for over fifty years, Safety-Kleen has helped companies balance their financial objectives with their sustainability goals, enabling them to Make Green Work.


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