Top load spray washer

Top Loading Spray Washers

Designed to meet your automatic parts-washing needs.
Our Top-Loading Spray Washers deliver highly efficient cleaning with a smaller footprint and are ideal for in-line cleaning applications or areas with less available floor space. Parts rotate on an automated, friction-drive turntable to get complete 360-degree coverage for precise and effective parts cleaning. Our top-loaders are equipped with automatic oil skimmers and fluid-level shutoffs to protect the heater elements. For use with an aqueous-based cleaning solution.

Various Models
Overall Dimensions 34"-45.5" L x 36"-51.5" W x 42"-50" H
Turntable Diameter 24"-32"
Inside Working Height 20"-23"
Weight Capacity 250-1000 Lbs
Pump / Motor 0.75 - 1.5 H.P.
Pump Output  17-31 PSI / 16-40 GPM
Fluid Capacity 32-55 U.S. Gallons
Heater Rating 4,500-6,000 Watts
Power Configuration 230V - 1 Phase
Amp Draw 28-35 Amps
Agency Listing C.S.A. / U.S


For specific details on all models, call (800) 669-5503.