• PIG No Trip Floor Mat


    The Only Floor Mat That Lays Flat, Stays Flat™

    Finally, there’s a better way..it’s called No-Trip™ Commercial Floor Mat. Our exclusive adhesive-backed mat lays flat and stays flat. You can easily peel up a soiled or saturated mat and replace it instantly with new product— no waiting around for a man in a van. Liquids are absorbed and contained, so they won’t seep onto your floor. And, best of all, the No-Trip™ Commercial Floor Mat won’t shift, flip or ripple; so you won’t trip, slip or fall.


    Tough-as-nails material takes constant abuse from wheeled and foot traffic while sticking firmly in place.

    • Our most durable adhesive-backed mat. Needle-punched, it is built to withstand the heaviest walk-on and wheeled traffic. Won’t rip, shred or fray, even under heavy cart or pallet jack rollovers!
    • Textured surface scrapes away dust, dirt and sand from shoe bottoms and cart wheels
    • Absorbent layer quickly wicks and retains water and other liquids—helps prevent pooling and runoff
    • Dark color hides many soil types—mud, grime, stains and spill
    • Perfect for high-traffic areas like aisles, walkways, entrances and exits
    • Save over 50% annually compared to 12 months of rental mat fees; and it can be kept down for months at a time
    • Reduce workers’ compensation and general liability claims by up to 90%
    • Available in cut-to-length rolls or precut sections




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