Recycling Parts Washers

While you're cleaning parts, it's cleaning solvent. Improve cleaning, reduce waste and increase efficiency with Safety-Kleen's solvent recycling machines.

  • Model 501S/571S/581S/591S
    Model 501S/571S/581S/591S

    Clean solvent on demand for precision parts cleaning, added flexibility to automate your recycling process


  • Model 270CR
    Model 270CR

    All-in-one recycler and parts washer with clean rinse (CR), cleaner solvent every time you wash parts


  • Model 250
    Model 250

    Pressing the recycle button automatically pumps clean solvent back into the basin for optimal cleaning and less waste


  • Model 275
    Model 275

    Stand-alone recycler, the ultimate upgrade for your existing parts washer


Chemical Solvents

Safety-Kleen offers a variety of solvent chemistries designed to meet specific sector regulations and give you superior cleaning performance at an economical price. For more information on these chemical properties, click here. (pdf)


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