Paint Gun Cleaners


    No matter how or what you paint, Safety-Kleen can help you do so worry-free.

    We know all about protecting the environment, as well as protecting your company from risk and liability associated with your waste. But our protection for your industry goes much deeper. Safety-Kleen continuously develops new cleaning technologies and services that not only protect your painters and your workplace, but also your investment in expensive equipment, ultimately affecting the quality and integrity of the finish you lay down. That’s why over 8,000 paint shops rely on us for cleaning equipment and environmental services — and to show them new and better choices to Make GreenWork®.

    Innovative technology to get your guns their cleanest

    Our manual paint gun cleaners boast features like hands-free foot pedal operation, flow-through scrubbing brush and high pressure rinse that leave paint guns clean and ready for the next job. A high-efficiency, automatic venturi air extraction system helps protect operators from exposure.

    No matter what you’re spraying, we have the chemical you need to clean it up.

    Safety-Kleen’s line of thinners, solvents and chemistries are tailored to fit your company’s needs. Chemistries page

    No other company can offer paint shops the protection and the choices we do. Let the people at Safety-Kleen show you how you can Make Green Work®.

    Trying to decide on what type of Parts Washer is right for you? Download our Quick Reference Guide to help you determine what works best for your business.

    • Model 1077
      Model 1077

      manual paint gun cleaner system, safer for the operator, cuts costs and reduces waste


    • Model 1056
      Model 1056

      next generation in automated paint gun cleaners


    • Model 1055
      Model 1055

      combo paint gun cleaner system provides both automated and manual cleaning


    • Minimizer

      recycling system, the next level of solvent recycling


    • Model 1058
      Model 1058

      aqueous paint gun cleaner designed with hands-free, foot-pedal operation cleans with recirculated fluid and delivers clean fluid as a final rinse



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