Ultra Kleen Solution

Coating equipment cleaning/thinner solution that can fatten your bottom line.
Don’t waste a single hour of your billable time dealing with spent thinner. Let Safety-Kleen handle it all, from collection and disposal to replenishment with Ultra Kleen Spray Equipment Solution. It’s automatic, on a schedule that is customized to fit your needs and saves you time.

Safety-Kleen Thinner Disposal & Replenishment
Part numbers Service part numbers
5110* 5 gal. (19 L) Service 77804* w/Exchange Service**
5111* 16 gal. (60.6 L) Service 77805* w/Exchange Service**
5112* 30 gal. (113.6 L) Service 77806* w/Exchange Service**
5113* 55 gal. (208.2 L) Service 77807* w/Exchange Service**

*Not available in California, Delaware, New Hampshire, Utah, Maryland, Connecticut (5/1/18). **Service charges vary by location.