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  • Safety-Kleen EcoPower featured in Fixed Ops Magazine

    Indy. Daytona. Talladega. Darlington. Bristol. Mention these monuments to internal combustion in a crowd of race fans and watch as they get lost in memories of tire smoke, crackling exhaust, massive V-8 power and the thrill of their favorite racers bump-drafting each other across a finish line.

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  • Safety-Kleen Closes Re-Financing Package

    PLANO, TX – Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., today announced that it has closed a refinancing package initiated in January, including securing an increase in the company's revolving credit line to $225 million and a renewal of its term loan at $225 million.

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  • Safety-Kleen to Conduct Preliminary Engineering for New Oil Re-Refinery in Southern U.S.

    PLANO, TX — Safety-Kleen Systems, Inc., today announced plans to move forward with preliminary engineering for its third North American used oil re-refinery, designed to further solidify the company's position as the world's leading re-refiner.

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  • Safety-Kleen Expands Re-Refinery Capacity

    EAST CHICAGO, INDIANA ­– Recognizing the growing need for recycling valuable resources and extending the life of oil products, Safety-Kleen, Inc., today announced a significant expansion of its East Chicago oil re-refinery.

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