Plastic Rotary Pump

Corrosion-resistant and ideal for aggressive chemicals. 
This economical, corrosion-resistant Ryton® Pump resists a variety of aggressive chemicals like chlorinated solvents, 
and aliphatic hydrocarbons. It’s also great for antifreeze and windshield washer fluid, so it’s right at home in your garage or fleet area.

  • Durable Teflon® seals help prevent leaks
  • Dispenses 8 oz. (.20 kg) per stroke
  • Adapter included for easy mounting to a 2" (5 cm) NPT bung
  • Not recommended for ketones or nitric acid concentrations greater than 50%
  • Not for flammable liquids

Ryton® 1 each - 8 oz. (.20 kg) per stroke | Weight - 6.06 lbs. (2.75 kg)