Zinc Free AW Hydraulic Fluid

These hdyraulic fluids contain ashless additives designed to protect against wear, provide exceptional water separability, oxidation stability, and prevent rust and corrosion. They are engineered using a zinc free formula, with premium base oil to provide excellent protection in mobile and stationary industrial applications and are recommended for use in severe, high-pressure applications.

Anti-Wear ZF
  • ​ASTM D6158
  • Ford M6C32
  • General Motors LS2​
  • Eaton-Vickers 35VQ25
  • DIN 51524 Part 2
  • Fives P-70 ISO 11158 HM​
  • ISO 20763 vane pump test
  • Parker Hannifin HF-1​
  • Parker Hannifin HF-2​
  • Parker Hannifin HF-0​
  • 5G Pail
  • 55G Drum
  • 330G Tote
  • Bulk