Hi-Temp Lithium 2

Hi-Temp Lithium 2 Grease offers extreme pressure protection while meeting the industry standards for heavy duty lubrication of over-the-road trucks, light duty off-highway equipment and commercial applications. It is designed to protect equipment subject to shock loads and plenty of wear and tear as they log thousands of miles across the country.

  • NLGI 2
  • GC-LB
  • Excellent performance and pumpability in cold temperatures
  • Engineered for high temp performance with a dropping point of 500˚F
  • Superior surface adhesion resists water washout
  • Extreme pressure additives

Ideal for use in heavy duty over-the-road equipment and light duty off-highway applications.

  • Heavy duty on- and off-road construction
  • Mining and Quarries        
  • Heavy-duty chassis lubrication, ball joints, and universal joints, ball and roller bearings, disc and drum wheel bearings and fifth wheels
  • Steel Mills
  • 10x14 oz Case
  • 35lb Pails
  • 120lb Kegs
  • 400lb Drums