Construction Red 2

Construction Red 2 Grease is engineered for extended use in many agricultural, construction, mining, quarries and industrial applications. It provides extreme pressure protection against spalling and wear, as well as excellent protection against rust and corrosion. It is ideal for heavy duty applications and meets the latest equipment requirements.

  • NLGI 2
  • GC-LB
  • Extreme pressure additives withstand heavy and shock-loading applications
  • Excellent protection against abrasive and adhesive wear, rust and corrosion
  • Superior tackiness keeps grease in application longer and resists run out/wash out
  • Engineered for high temp performance with a dropping point of >500˚F

Ideal for use in a variety of on- and off-road equipment across a wide variety of applications:

  • Heavy duty on- and off-road construction
  • Mining and quarries        
  • Forestry and agriculture    
  • Automotive ball joints, universal joints, water pumps, fifth wheels, conventional sleeve bearings, ball and roller anti-friction bearings and wheel bearings
  • Steel Mills
  • 10x14 oz Case
  • 35lb Pails
  • 120lb Kegs
  • 400lb Drums