Performance Plus Full Synthetic Multi-Vehicle Transmission Fluid

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty SYN SSE

Allison Transmission BadgePerformance Plus® Heavy Duty SYN SSE Transmission Fluid is engineered to exceed the demanding requirements of the latest heavy duty automatic transmissions and is specifically formulated and approved to meet the Allison TES 668® performance specification. It is designed to provide smooth transmission operation and perform under the demanding, severe service operating conditions. Performance and protection are the foundation of all Performance Plus products, which is why they are designed to provide oxidative stability, anti-wear performance, friction durability and exceptional clutch operation all while reducing noise, vibration and delivering thermal stability.

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  • Allison TES 668
  • Allison TES 468*​
  • Allison TES 389*
  • Allison TES 295*

* Backwards Compatible

  • 5G Pails
  • 55G Drums
  • 275G Totes
  • Bulk