Full Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Full Synthetic Heavy Duty ATF (Allison TES-295 & TES-389*)

A fully synthetic fluid formulated to meet and exceed the demanding requirements of the latest heavy duty automatic transmissions. It is suitable for applications where comparable Allison TES-295® and TES-389® performance capability is specified. Providing outstanding protection to transmissions against corrosion, oxidation and deposits delivering smooth shifting and preventing wear, power transfer and gear shifting performance. It is made to protect against thermal breakdown at high and sub-zero temperatures, offer excellent shear stability and provide outstanding performance in severe operating conditions.

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HD ATF 295 & 389
  • Allison C-4​
  • Allison TES-295
  • Allison TES-389​
  • Allison TES-389B​

Please refer to data sheet for full list.

  • 5G Pail
  • 55G Drum
  • 330G Tote
  • Bulk