KLEEN+ RHT240 base oil is a truly superior heavy base oil providing best-in-class quality, consistency and performance characteristics compared to major competitive conventional base oils.

This premium heavy base oil delivers high viscosity index, superior cold-temperature performance, premium oxidation stability and volatility 50% lower than competitive offerings. These premium characteristics were engineered to allow maximum blending flexibility and finished product performance using 100% of our base oils for higher viscosity PCMO, industrial and HDDO products, eliminating the need for expensive corrector stocks.

KLEEN+ RHT240 production is standardized at each of our facilities, which simplifies finished product approvals and formulations. You will only require one formulation for each product and can source base oils from any refinery without modifications or separate approvals (nationwide standardized licensed formulations and products with redundant base oil supply options). 

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  • Passenger car engine oils
  • Automotive gear oils
  • Hydraulic fluids
  • Process oils
  • Railroad diesel engine oils
  • Heavy duty diesel engine oils
  • Industrial gear oils
  • Tractor fluids
  • Way oils
  • Marine diesel engine oils
  • Cutting fluids

KLEEN+ RHT240 Chart


KLEEN+ RHT240 base oil provides a truly superior balance between volatility and cold temperature performance compared to competitive offerings. This premium product is formulated to minimize emissions, maintain fuel economy, reduce deposits, reduce wear, reduce oil burn-off and thickening, and reduce mist in higher temperature industrial applications.