Brake Cleaner

Non-chlorinated, low VOC formula - superior cleaning with fast drying properties; used to clean master cylinders, brake drums, wheel cylinders, disc brake pads, brake linings, and return springs; can be used on assembled or disassembled parts (not for sale in restricted areas) 

  • To use as an aerosol, fill a Sure Shot Sprayer with bulk liquid.

Brake Cleaner* - Aerosol CASE - (12) 12 oz. (340 g) cans
Brake Cleaner* - BULK PAIL - 5 gal. (19 L) pail
Brake Cleaner* - BULK DRUM - 55 gal. (208 L) drum
Sure Shot Sprayer - (1) 32 oz. (905 mL) capacity
Accessory Kit for Sure Shot Sprayer - (1) kit
Sure Shot Liquid Filler - (1) filler
Sure Shot Repair Kit - (1) kit

*Not available in California, Delaware, New Hampshire, Utah, Maryland, Connecticut.