Vacuum Services


    Safety-Kleen Is Your Single Source For All Of Your Vacuum Service Needs

    Safety-Kleen's North American fleet of over 220 vacuum trucks will pump out liquid, sludge and solids at your facilities, while ensuring proper disposal of your waste through our industry leading service. Our team of professionals will pick-up and dispose of your liquids, high solids, oily water or sludge from virtually anywhere including oil/water separators, clarifiers, sumps, trenches, pits, floor drains, and even underground waste tanks.

    Our Vacuum Services include:

    • Oil Water Separator Service
    • Drain, Sump, Pit and Trench Cleanout
    • Sand Trap / Grit Trap Service
    • Tank Pumping (Holding Tanks, Underground Waste Tanks)
    • Spill Cleanup
    • Process Water Disposal
    • Sewer Water Drains
    • Overflowing Storm Systems
    • Catch & Drainage Basins
    • Non-Hazardous Liquids and Sludge Disposal

    Experts In Their Field That Are Committed To Superior Service

    Safety-Kleen is committed to delivering superior customer service. Our service professionals are trained through a national standardized program that enables them to deliver expert service that is unmatched in the industry. We offer regularly-scheduled service that you can rely on, as well as unscheduled and emergency service for those unexpected events. At every service we will:

    • Safely remove all liquid, sludge, and solids
    • Thoroughly clean any trenches leading to separators, pits, drains, sumps and other locations
    • Dispose of your waste in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations

    Let Safety-Kleen inspect and service your separators and rest assured that everything is handled professionally. At every service call, we will pull and retain a sample to help protect you from compliance problems. Additionally, your waste will always be disposed of in compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.


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