Total Project Management


    Expertise, Oversight and Total Project Management

    Our environmental services specialists know how to employ the best practices and affordable techniques for handling your environmental project in the most responsible manner. Our specialists work with you onsite to develop the best solution to spills, cleanup projects, remediation, recycling and other specialty cleaning and removal activities. As the single point of contact, your Safety-Kleen Project Manager delivers these solutions from our network of recycling, transportation and disposal facilities and personnel.

    From simple industrial cleaning jobs and waste management services to emergency response, let your assigned Safety-Kleen Project Manager manage risk and reduce your liability.

    Industrial Services
    • Industrial Cleaning
      • Pressure Washing
      • Spill Clean Up
      • Storm Drain/Drain Cleaning
      • Sand Blasting
      • Ground Water Work
    • Outsourced Maintenance
      • Labor Only, Loading Services, and Packaging for CWS
    • Confined Space Entry
    • Tank Cleaning and Removal
      • Aboveground and Underground
    • Elevator Services
    • Pipeline PIG Cleaning
    • Decontamination
      • Dust Accumulation Removal
      • Dirt, Grease & Grime (that has become Hazardous)
      • Horizontal and Vertical Decontamination
    • Property/Site Clean Up
    Technical Services
    • Lab Packing
      • Lab Packs and Commodity Packs
    • Sampling and Analysis
      • Soil Testing
      • Stabilization Recipes
      • Asbestos, Mold, Lead, or Methamphetamine Lab Abatement
    • Bulk Waste Disposal
      • Bulk Liquids & Bulk Solids (including Loading and Disposal)
    • Transportation & Disposal Services
      • Drummed Waste
      • Explosives
      • Chemo Waste
      • Radioactive Material
      • Cylinders
      • Transformers
      • Bio/Medical Waste
      • Exit Signs
      • DEA Controlled Substances
      • Pigging Waste
      • Rig Wash
      • Ash Caustic or Acid Cleaners
      • Pesticides
      • Refinery Waste
      • Blast Media
      • Fracturing & Hydraulic Fluids
      • Compressor Oils & Filters
    • Hydrocarbons

    Products & Services