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    Choosing the right parts cleaning equipment, chemistries, and associated service can be a challenging exercise, but is critical to the success of your operation and to the protection of the environment. Our full line of equipment and matching chemistries will provide the optimal cleaning equation to meet both your business objectives and your environmental goals, especially when dealing with the latest regulatory trend toward aqueous chemistry. That is why we take the unique industry step of putting our equipment through ETL/CETLus Certification* to ensure it is safe to operate and works when you need it.

    Cleaner Parts Start with Cleaner Solvent

    Safety-Kleen’s new on-site recycling equipment gives customers a path to consistently cleaner solvent in their own shop, without having to buy expensive machines. By introducing on-site recycling into their operation, customers will realize productivity gains, cost savings and waste reduction.

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    * Currently excludes aqueous ultrasonic parts washers.

    • Aqueous Parts Washers
      Aqueous Parts Washers

      Safety-Kleen's aqueous parts cleaners' offer the next generation in cleaning technology that is safer for the environment.

    • Solvent Parts Washer
      Solvent Parts Washer

      Safety-Kleen offers a wide range of parts cleaning equipment with unmatched quality and performance.

    • Paint Gun Cleaners
      Paint Gun Cleaners

      Safety-Kleen's gun washing systems provide maximum cleaning results that put the environment and employee first.


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