KLEEN+ is manufactured by collecting used oil that is tested, treated, re-refined and returned to market in a closed-loop process. This process avoids up to 78% of the carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) generated by refining base oil from crude. The re-refining process can be infinitely repeated, which significantly reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to the one-time energy created from burning used oil. In addition to being smart business and good for the environment, we can preserve our limited natural resources and reduce our dependence on foreign oil.

Your company could reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 10,000 metric tons for every 1 million gallons of KLEEN+ base oil used. That is the equivalent of having 25 million miles driven by gas-powered automobiles. Just 1.4 gallons of re-refined used motor oil produce the same amount of engine oil as 42 gallons of raw crude. Recycling used oil into KLEEN+ provides a smarter way to manage used oil that would otherwise be released into the environment or burned as fuel. This helps preserve our limited resources and keeps motor oil out of our precious land and water.