Safety-Kleen Linden Recycle Center Recognized by the New Jersey DEP for its Environmental Stewardship

LINDEN, NEW JERSEY – Safety-Kleen, a subsidiary of Clean Harbors, announced today that it’s Recycle Center located in Linden, NJ has received a “Certificate of Stewardship” from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP). This is the second year the facility has been recognized by the NJDEP for this important achievement.

The Linden Safety-Kleen Recycle Center reprocesses/recovers industrial wastes and serves major companies in the chemical, electronics, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries. Safety-Kleen material processing in Linden allows reuse of valuable products, reduces the markets’ need for virgin materials, and reduces hazardous waste volumes.

The Environmental Stewardship Initiative is a voluntary New Jersey state recognition program. The program’s primary goal is to encourage regulated companies to improve environmental performance beyond minimum regulatory requirements. The certification is based on results of onsite visits by state inspectors who evaluate performance in 21 categories. The Linden facility was recognized for its accomplishments in the following categories based on a June 26, 2013 inspection:

  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Management System
  • Vendor/Supply Chain Requirements
  • Outreach Program
  • Green Building Implementation
  • Materials Conservation
  • Transportation Energy Use Reduction

The award notification from the NJDEP stated: “At this time, the inspector determined that your facility was engaged in or had completed activities eligible for recognition under our Environmental Stewardship Program. As a result, the Department is formally recognizing the voluntary and proactive measures you have taken in an effort to improve the environment.”

“The certification of our Linden facility in the Environmental Stewardship Initiative for the second year speaks to our commitment to the core philosophy of the program, which is to go beyond minimum environmental rules and regulations,” said Andrea Martone, Safety-Kleen Facility Manager. “Our Linden employees appreciate the recognition, which they certainly deserve as a confirmation of their vigilance and adherence to environmental best practices.”