Performance Plus Motor Oil Helps Jesel Racing Set Land Speed Records

Driver Jimmy Shine Hits 219.8 mph in Performance Plus ‘World’s Fastest Pickup Truck’

BONNEVILLE SALT FLATS, UTAH ­– Powered by Performance Plus Motor Oil, Jesel Racing once again set a world record at the Bonneville Salt Flats during Speed Week – a legendary land speed event dating back to 1914.

Driving the Performance Plus sponsored Dodge Ram truck with a fuel injected 502 cubic inch engine, the Jesel team set the record for the AA-Engine Modified Class by hitting a top speed of 219.8 mph on the 11-mile salt course. World-renowned hot rod and custom car expert Jimmy Shine was behind the wheel.

The Performance Plus truck now holds 12 different land speed record in eight classes – setting speeds up to 262 mph – making it the world’s fastest pickup.

Performance Plus – a premium motor oil that performs better even under the most extreme conditions – was specially selected by the famed Jesel Land Speed Team for the historic run.

“We struggled with pretty poor track conditions but we were able to at least set another land speed record,” said Wayne Jesel, team owner. “We worked extremely hard to make sure the Performance Plus vehicle performed at its peak under some very trying conditions. There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you’re going more than 200 mph, but we only use the best parts, supplies and fluids to reduce the risk as much as possible. Using a better quality product or lubricant always makes the team happy and when the team is happy we usually come out winners.”

The internationally renowned Bonneville Speed Week, where numerous records have been set over the years, is held annually on an expansive dried salt lake on the Utah/Nevada border. Operating on the salt surface is a unique experience that’s more difficult than pavement – drivers must cautiously work up to speed, sustain the speed and then spend miles braking.

“To anyone who’s involved in performance products, the salt flats are the real testament to the best times, the best engineering and the best product,” said Performance Plus Vice President of Marketing Leigh Harrington. “That’s why we’re here. Our oil gets tested and proven at Bonneville.”

Drivers must maintain record speed on a run before making a follow-up run to back-up the mark.

“This is a dream come true for me,” Shine said, after officially setting the record on Aug. 17. “I couldn’t be more proud to team up with Jesel and Performance Plus to make this happen.”

This year’s record continues the streak of historic runs that was started last year by the Jesel Land Speed Team. Last year, the team not only set a record in the B-Engine Blown Modified Pickup Class, but did so with Jesel driver Kaylin Stewart. At 18-years-old at the time, Stewart became the youngest female to exceed 200 mph at Bonneville when she set a new land speed record at 224 mph in the same truck.

Performance Plus and Jesel Racing will carry their relationship forward to future Bonneville Speed Weeks and other racing events. Additionally, Performance Plus parent companies, Safety-Kleen and Clean Harbors, work with the federal Bureau of Land Management to collect used oil at the event and maintain the pristine salt flats for public use.

About Performance Plus 
Performance Plus is the high quality brand of motor oils and lubricants that perform better even under the most extreme conditions. The brand uses conventionally refined oils and proprietary, twice-refined oils, blended with industry-leading additives, to meet or exceed all industry certifications, licenses, approvals and OEM warranty requirements. With more than 30 years of innovation, research and testing, the formulations outperform under the demanding conditions of U.S. military combat vehicles and racing engines from Daytona to Indianapolis and the Bonneville Salt Flats.

Leigh Harrington 
Vice President, Marketing 
Performance Plus / Safety-Kleen