The value of IceBreaker®

  • IceBreaker® is a Class II combustible liquid (flashpoint ≥100ºF and WILL NOT sustain combustion when tested in accordance with DOT regulations (Typical windshield washer fluid is a Class I flammable liquid (flashpoint <100ºF) and will burn if ignited) It’s more CONVENIENT
  • IceBreaker® is delivered in bulk and ready to use
  • Safety-Kleen truck delivers to location on selected service interval and tops off tank
  • No more wasting valuable time diluting concentrate
  • No more disposing of empty containers - No more trips to the auto parts store
  • Eliminates landfill disposal expense of thousands of plastic bottles and cardboard boxes
  • Seasonal blend reduces pricing in warmer season


Safe and Powerful Performance

  • Non-flammable formula provides optimal performance in ice and snow conditions
  • Safe alternative to flammable windshield washer fluids, both in the shop and on the road


Reduces the Hassle and Hazards of Using One Gallon Jugs

  • Concentrate available in 5 gal pails
  • Cost-effective bulk delivery service available