Safety-Kleen is uniquely qualified to enable our customers to reduce harm on the environment.

We are the largest re-refiner of used oil and provider of parts cleaning services in North America. Our broad selection of environmentally responsible products and services ensure the proper collection, processing, re-refining, recycling and disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous materials.

In other words we strive to increase the value of our customers' business by helping balance their sustainability objectives with their financial goals. We do this better than others by providing the most comprehensive protection, the widest range of sustainable choices and the highly experienced and trained people necessary to Make Green Work.

With more than fifty years of experience, Safety-Kleen is recognized as a trusted provider of environmental solutions to over 200,000 customer locations, delivering responsible closed-loop solutions for managing many of our customers' waste streams. These solutions allow us to recycle, reclaim and reuse both used oil and spent cleaning solvent. This system conserves natural resources, reduces our customers' environmental liability, and provides us with economic advantages through the reduction of costs and the sale of recovered products.


Our services and products fall into three principal categories:

Oil Solutions. 

We are North America's largest collector, recycler and re-refiner of used oil. We own and operate the three largest oil re-refineries in North America, collecting and processing more than 220 million gallons of oil per year. Through a closed-loop system we are able to collect used oil and re-refine most of it into new, finished products that can be returned to the marketplace.

Cleaning Solutions. 

We are North America's leading provider of parts cleaning services.Safety-Kleen is the largest collector and recycler of used solvent in North America, processing 11 million gallons of cleaning solvent annually. We leverage our brand and our leading national market position in parts cleaning services to offer a complimentary line of Safety-Kleen branded products that include hand, floor and general purpose cleaners, as well as spill kits,absorbents and cleaning aerosols.

Environmental Solutions. 

Safety-Kleen is also a leading provider of containerized waste and vacuum services, industrial waste management, Total Project Management and Compliance Services to a wide range of customers in the automotive, metalworking, manufacturing and other markets. From used oil re-refining and industrial waste services to environmental project management and advanced parts cleaning technologies, Safety-Kleen is there, leading the way in responsible environmental solutions.