Auto Dealerships

    You need much more than just a parts washer and oil collection company. Having the right tools for the job is at the heart of achieving your mission. These tools include the right programs and products to support the service you provide.

    With more than 17,000 dealership customers, Safety-Kleen has a deep understanding of the industry and a proven track record of success. These services, combined with our commitment to quality and risk reduction, make us the perfect partner.

    Complete Oil Management

    Everything you need for complete oil management. We're the only triple force that can collect your used oil and filters, dispose compliantly, and provide new oil that extends the life of your assets.

    Parts Washers Equipment & Service

    After more than 50 years, Safety-Kleen continues to lead the Parts Washing industry by providing unrivaled service and top-notch equipment to help meet your cleaning demands.

    Containerized Waste Services

    Safety-Kleen provides the proper handling, recycling and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous waste, from oil filters to rag disposal to paint waste.

    Vacuum Truck Services

    Safety-Kleen’s fleet of high-powered vacuum trucks will pump out wastewater, separate oily water and perform pit cleanouts, ensuring proper disposal of your waste.

    Shop Products

    Rely on Safety-Kleen to provide you with world-class products to help keep your facility clean in order to prevent any slips, trips or falls while performing preventative maintenance or repair jobs.

    Project Work

    We deliver the most effective, safe and environmentally sound options for managing any environmental need, ranging from pump-outs to bulk disposal to decontamination services.

    No other company can offer you the protection and the choices we do.
    Safety-Kleen brings fifty years of experience and a nationwide infrastructure to environmental services. Our centrally-controlled service is prompt, professional and non-intrusive. We staff the most talented DOT, State Lead EHS, SDS and Toxicology experts available and have developed compliance and safety training models for all service staff and operations, including OSHA, DOT and EPA.

    If your company is looking for ways to handle cleaning and waste in the most efficient, environmentally-responsible ways possible, call Safety-Kleen.